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Measure Twice, Cut Once


“So tell me what happened.”

As you may logically expect, that’s typically the first thing I say when I meet a new client. And I have great deal of respect for a client’s perception of the facts. They are entitled to and I give them the benefit of the doubt.

The Bling’s Cool, Sure, But They All Got That Zing…

                A few years back I was quoted in a local paper as professing that entertainment law is just “contract law with a zing.” And it seemed true enough at the time.

Duh! But What Do You Do?

           I recently spent a week locked away in a hotel meeting room for a 40-hour mediator certification class. We had lawyers, real estate folks and even a couple of engineers. Our instructor Chris Shulman was an effusive and effective teacher and he never allowed a lag or dull moment. He is very very good. We received our bread and water breaks each day around lunch and we punched out about 6 p.m. with visions of conciliation and compromise clanging in our heads. It was grueling and humbling. It was extraordinary.

The Cobbler's Kid Is Barefoot

             There is an old joke about lawyers never reading anything they sign, kind of like the cobbler’s kid going barefoot or the haute chef gobbling drive-thru take out.

In Good Hands

           Just had an invigorating client meeting with a young Army private stationed at MacDill Air Force Base here in Tampa. First, I can say that if this is the quality of soldier we are attracting to and training in our military ranks, we are in good hands in the years to come.  This young man was polished, assertive, inquisitive and motivated. He is truly a proud tribute to his family and himself.

Before the Dam Breaks...

I spent some time on the phone today with an old client, let’s call him Mike, who is considering going into business with his son. Mike is one of the smartest guys I know. He told me so. He can ask more questions in 20 minutes than anyone I know.